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GfK Attribution+

Enhance shopper profiles with behavior-based insights

What it is
Attribution+ allows retailers to complete and enrich loyalty card data with info from GfK Consumer Panels. Without the need to match data of individuals, the platform is able to add missing household information such as age, size, and spend at competitors, calculated on the basis of the robust sample from GfK Consumer Panels. 

How it works
The system relies on 2 fundamental elements:

  • GfK Consumer Panel data – consists of robust shopping histories from thousands of households in different countries over several years
  • SO1 Engine – a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that is able to learn on basket data and analyze the market at scale.

The tool is using deep machine learning and different trained models to process GfK panel data in order to accurately predict values on socio-demographic and behavioural attributes.

The Collaboration of GfK & SO1 enables our clients to combine GfK data and SO1 Artificial Intelligence as integrated solutions: real campaigns, more insights, closing gaps, correcting faulty data, introducing competitive intelligence.

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Try Attribution+ for yourself. Get two attributes – age and household size – free for 6 months.

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